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           travel globally.          drink locally

we have been around the world but we stayed in brooklyn


About Us


Travel Bar is the brainchild of owners Mike Vacheresse and Joe Sweigart, who wanted to bring their love of travel to their new bar in Carroll Gardens, Mike Vacheresse is Travel Bar's head bartender/owner, and he brings with him decades of creating cocktail lists for fine dining restaurants, including Bar Masa and Avoce to name a few. Travel Bar features some of his best cocktails plus a few exciting new additions. 

We accept cash and all major credit cards, 



Phone+ Email

(718) 858-2509




520 Court Street
Brooklyn, NY 11231



T-Thurs 5pm-12pm
F  5pm – 2am                          Sat 4pm - 2am                         Sun 4pm - 9pm